About Us

In the BioInnovation Research Group, we focus on the development of drug delivery systems (DDS), with a special emphasis on nanotechnology and their application to pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering. We work on the interface of polymers and therapeutics and develop new DDS at the micro-nanoscale level for the treatment of various illnesses, including chronic wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, hemorrhages, psoriasis, dry eye, infection, and inflammation, among others.

We apply innovative computational methods to understand blood flow behavior for the diagnosis and prognosis of vascular diseases and risks, such as stroke, aneurysms, plaque formation, and rupture. We aim to utilize such knowledge in the clinical assessment of the patient’s condition and, thereby, surgical planning. With the gait analysis facility of our group, we analyze the gait pattern, assess the severity of pathology, and help clinicians plan recovery training.