About Us

In BioInnovation Research Group we work on the synthesis and fabrication of biomaterials for the application of wound dressing, tissue engineering and controlled drug delivery. We have successfully prepared cellulose nanoparticles with varied polymorphs. We are focused on developing different biopolymer-based nanoparticles. Our experimental works also consist of different spinning technologies. We are the first group in Bangladesh who has successfully developed a range of natural and synthetic polymers based nanofibrous non-woven matrix using an in-house electrospinning setup. Our studies are focused on antibacterial based fibers or fabric with controlled drug release capability. 

In BioInnovation Research Group we also work on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of blood flow through the arteries to explore the scopes of biofluid mechanics in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Our studies are focused on cardiovascular and cerebral diseases and how different hemodynamic and mechanical parameters may influence these conditions.